Embrace the Moment
Rediscovering the Powerful Woman Within
by Debra Rossi

Debra Rossi with books at book signingIn Embrace the Moment, Debra Rossi shares her thoughts on change, youth, marriage, and contentment.

A trip to Asia was a time of reflection in her life and the catalyst for writing this book. Debra discusses how following your heart brings in more love and joy and helps open a doorway to activate your dreams. She encourages readers to contemplate living life from a space of flow, instead of resistance, which creates a spirit of limitless possibilities. Embrace the Moment discusses life cycles and inspires women to reach a higher level of living by reconnecting with their spirituality.

With wisdom and understanding Debra describes simple action steps to get unstuck and hear the voice of the true self. These action steps allow a new empowering belief system to create movement in your lives and fulfill your inner needs. Readers will have an opportunity to view life with new insight.

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